Concept Cars I Would Buy

Auto manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new styling or technology.  These cars are introduced at various auto shows to gauge consumer interest.  Sometimes the design is close to a…

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Automotive Summer Camp: 2023

I have been involved with an automotive summer camp held at Northwood University (Midland, MI) since its beginning in 2021.  These camps have been very successful, giving high school students…

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Hot Rod Step Van

When it comes to having soft spots for vehicles, the Chevrolet Step Van remains my guilty pleasure.  As a kid, I loved my Tonka trucks, which somehow translated to the…

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I’m Done With Black Wheels!

Are black wheels on cars still popular?  I think the trend started about ten years ago, when luxury car makers began putting black wheels on their basic models.  Since then,…

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Zip Ties: The Universal Fastener

Last week, I posted a funny meme about zip ties on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  I thought it was funny, but underestimated the passion people felt for zip ties.…

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Favorite PROJECT CAR Channels

YouTube provides a vast resource for car enthusiasts.  Anyone can start a channel and post videos.  Some of the videos posted are well researched and professionally presented, while many are…

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