Auction Pick of the Week: 1988 Dodge Ram Van

Auction Pick of the Week: 1988 Dodge Ram Van

For this week I picked the 1988 Dodge Ram Van, found HERE on Cars & Bids.

More information about this weekly feature can be found in the “Background” section toward the bottom of this page.

All of my past picks can be found HERE.

Why this Car?

I am typically not a fan of any Dodge product, but they were pretty good with full size vans.  This Ram Van is a good example of where they excelled, and being a conversion van makes this the ultimate road cruiser.

This particular van only has 41,000 miles, is still owned by the original owner and looks to be in super clean condition.  Check out those big, comfy captains chairs!

If you aren’t into the vintage look of a conversion van, I bet you can buy this cheaply enough you could strip the interior and build your own camper van.  Either way, this van is ready for a good road trip!

Auction Ends:  April 20, 2021

Predicted Auction Price: $9,000

Final Bid:  Check back April 20, 2021


Every Thursday, I will highlight my favorite pick from the current vehicles up for auction on Cars&Bids.  That auction site launched in June 2020, and only features vehicles 1980 and newer.  

The full story on Cars&Bids, as well as other enthusiast auctions was covered in the article “Enthusiast Car Auctions.”

The cars I pick are not necessarily going to be the best buys or the most collectible.  Many times, these will be the underdogs or just more unique vehicles available in the market.  Essentially, cars that stir my soul and/or are expected to be great bargains. 

Don’t look for any high dollar recommendations from me!

Supporting the Hobby

Viewing online auctions like this help stir the imagination and keep the hobby alive. That is the main intent of Vehicle Nanny.  

In addition to sharing stories like this, I am providing ongoing support of automotive programs designed to inspire and educate young car enthusiasts through the sale of items in the Vehicle Nanny Merchandise Store.  All proceeds go directly to the Hagerty Automotive Youth Program, so I hope you can find a fun item for yourself that also supports our budding car enthusiasts.

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