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Best of 2023: Top 5 Stories

Best of 2023:  Top 5 Stories

The auto industry saw a much improved year in 2023, now that the supply chain has stabilized and new vehicle inventories have improved.  Interest rates are still higher than in past years, however, analysts predict this will get better in early 2024.  

The cost to acquire a new vehicle is still too high–the average price of a new vehicle is around $48,000.  Four years ago, that figure was $38,000.  Economics majors take note:  this is the law of supply and demand in action!

I am very sensitive to the cost to buy a newer vehicle, which is why so many of my articles focus on repairing or modifying your current vehicle.  It’s a great way to personalize and revitalize your vehicle without the high expense of getting a new one.  These kinds of topics must resonate with you as well, since the top stories for the year had a DIY touch to them.

Top Stories for 2023

Listed below are the top five stories for 2023, based on the number of website visitor views.  The number one article, DIY Roof Rack, has been a favorite since it was published in April 2020.  

1.DIY Roof Rack

This article has been a fan favorite since it was published in April 2020.  I chronicled the build of an inexpensive roof rack out of wood.  After posting some pictures of the finished product on Pinterest, it really took off!  

About once a month, I get an email with pictures of roof racks people have made from the plans I shared.  It’s great that the topic has helped so many people.

2. I’m Done With Black Wheels

Are black wheels on cars still popular?  I think the trend started about ten years ago, when luxury car makers began putting black wheels on their basic models.  Since then, they have become very popular and are an option on nearly every new car.  I think they are overexposed, and trends are shifting to other colors (grays and bronzes).

I sense that black wheels are losing favor and explored my observations after attending the Detroit Auto Show.  

3. Favorite Car Repair Channels

I’m a big fan of YouTube videos and watch a couple of hours of automotive content each morning.  I group the topics into three categories:  Car Repair, Car Projects, and Car Reviews.  Finding the right channel to follow is a challenge.  So many of them have poor presentations, terrible video quality and/or questionable content. 

Of the three categories, Car Repair is the favorite.  I found six YouTube channels that consistently provide meaningful content.  If you are looking for details on specific repair processes or want to witness the current repair trends, I highly recommend the six channels found in the Favorite Car Repair Channels article.

4. Plasti Dip Wheels:  One Year Later

Painting wheels is a great way to change the look of your car without the expense of buying new wheels (or a new car).  Not everyone has the time or equipment to do a proper paint job, so I explored using Plasti Dip to achieve the new look.  Plasti Dip has gained popularity over the past 5 years as a great DIY product.

Whenever I do a Plasti Dip project, the typical question I get is “how long will it last?”  About a year after I applied Plasti Dip to the wheels of my car, I decided to share how they were holding up.  The short answer was “kinda OK.”  In this article I explored what happened over the year, things I might have done differently and the removal of the Plasti Dip material.

5. Car Wax Challenge

If you ever want to start a debate with car guys, ask a group online which is the best motor oil or car wax to use.  Everyone has a favorite, but few can provide objective reasons.  In this story, I did a side by side test between two of my go-to car waxes.  

I applied one wax to my car and one to my wife’s, then revisited the topic 30 days later.  I was able to demonstrate why I picked one wax over the other.  The results I shared proved popular with other car owners, so I believe it settled those questions.  Now, on to solving world hunger!

Final Thoughts & Questions

The intent of is to share my automotive experiences with folks who are in search of cost effective ways to enjoy the car hobby.  While I do explore interesting cars and car people, these topics above seemed to hit home with a lot of you.  That warms my heart and I hope it is truly helpful information.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Please email me at, or message me through the Vehicle Nanny Instagram or Facebook pages.

Want to learn more about me?  Go to this article:   Who’s Your Nanny?

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