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Camaro Project 5: DIY Hood Graphics

Camaro Project 5: DIY Hood Graphics

I’m not really a fan of white cars, however, my options were slim when looking for a new Camaro last summer.  I originally ordered a very expressive blue, but that order could not be built.  This was all detailed in the article Car Shopping: Time for Plan B.  As an alternative, I found a white car on a local dealer’s lot.  It had most of the equipment I wanted, so I grabbed it while it was available.

The beauty of a white car is that it provides a blank canvas for personalization.  Being an avid fan of vinyl graphics, this has worked out well for me.  Using vinyl wrap has several advantages–low expense, ease of customization/installation and ease of removal.  That last point is key for me.  I am easily bored with my cars, so I like anything that allows me to change the look of my car easily and at low expense.

Last summer, I created fender stripes out of vinyl wrap I purchased from the VVIVID Vinyl store on Amazon (I typically buy the wrap in 12” x 60” rolls for around $10).  I really liked those stripes, but felt the hood was really bare.  I had an idea for a new hood graphic, but had to sacrifice the fender stripes.  Time to break out the vinyl!

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Inspiration comes from many places.  For vehicle graphics, I like to start on Pinterest for ideas. I created a board, aptly named “GRAPHICS” to collect ideas for future projects.  Nothing really caught my eye for this project, so I turned to my next source–cars from my past.

1977 z28 camaro with parts in front of car

I have a soft spot for the 1977 Camaro Z28.  I turned 16 when that car was introduced in 1977 and the Z28 was my obsession for years.  I’ve written about that in the past, so it should be no surprise that some elements of that car find its way to my modern day Camaro.

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Design & Installation

For my car, the three colors found in the fender stripes (matte black, red and silver) made sense to create a modern interpretation of the 1977 Z28 hood decal.  I still had vinyl wrap on hand, so this was a no cost project for me.

The steps taken to go from initial design to installation is detailed in the pictures below.  In addition to the VVIVID Vinyl, I used a “knifeless tape” to cut the vinyl to the shape I created.  This tape contains a filament that is similar to a fishing line.  

The tape allows you to create the shape, place the vinyl on top of the tape, pull the filament, then your design is complete.  Since the filament does the cutting, there is no need to use a razor blade.  That means your paint is not damaged when cutting the vinyl. Easy as that!

steps 1 and 2 of the process

steps 3 and 4 of the process

steps 5 and 6 of the process

steps 7 and 8


white camaro in empty parking lot

Update (5/8/24):  As noted in step 7 above, I decided to remove the red pinstripe and replace it with the same matte silver used in the hood graphic.  I wasn’t able to buy 1/4″ pinstripe in that color, so I created my own by cutting 1/4″ stripes from the roll of matte silver vinyl wrap.  The red looked fine, but drom the driver’s seat, the read oinstripe was glossy, not matte like the graphic.  It just didn’t seem to look right.  That’s the beauty of using vinyl–you can change your design when the mood catches you.

hood of white car with black, red and silver decal

Final Thoughts & Questions

Using vinyl wrap to create custom graphics is an inexpensive and easy way to change the look of any car.  In less than a year, I’ve changed the look of this Camaro three times (the first one I did not detail, as it did not have the look I wanted).  Luckily, the VVIVID wrap is easy to install and remove, so the car’s paint was unharmed.

Please let me know if you have any added thoughts or questions. You can reach me via email ( or in the comments below.

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