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Podcast: What’s In A Name?

Podcast:  What’s In A Name?

Once again, my comments on social media got me into trouble.  I made a few posts about the trend of slapping iconic names on not so iconic vehicles.  Sometimes this works,  sometimes it doesn’t.  This got the attention of my friends at GT: Garage Talk, who wanted to get my perspective on the current naming strategy in the auto industry. 

This was a fun discussion and we covered a lot of ground during the podcast…including my thoughts on the current Blazer.  Let me know if I get it right on Episode 100:  What’s In A Name.

You can listen to this episode HERE or anywhere you listen to your other podcasts.

Past Episodes

This episode of GT: GarageTalk is not the first one for me.  Due to my engagement with the team on social media, they invited me to share my thoughts on various automotive topics.  In other words, it was time I put up or shut up!

Episode 51. Custodian of Discontinued Brands:  In this episode, I discuss the decision behind the discontinuation of four GM brands after the 2009 GM bankruptcy.  At the time, I was working at Saturn, and was part of the wind down of that brand.

Episode 44. Vehicles Have Nannies Too:  Through a weird set of circumstances, the GT: GarageTalk team learned about Vehicle Nanny and we set the stage for fun, future collaborations.

Be sure to check out the other content on their website,  They cover all of the interesting happenings in the auto industry. 

GT: Garage Talk Car Reviews

Cory and crew also do car reviews on their YouTube channel.  Check out one of my favorite episodes below:

Be sure to watch until the end, when three year old Tucker makes a profound observation.


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