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Podcasts provide an entertaining and informative way to keep connected to a favorite subject, whether you are driving in the car or even out on a walk.  Finding a car-related…


Podcast: Pothole Season

Michigan drivers are on high alert from mid-February through late March.  Why?  This is the time of year when potholes develop and cause great damage to our cars.  Even though…


Home Movies: 1977 Chevrolet Pickups & Suburbans

This is the third installment of Super8 films from 1977 that I recently had converted to digital.  As you might imagine, the video quality is pretty raw, however, the story…

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Home Movies: 1977 K5 Blazers

In the article Home Movies:  1977-1978 Chevrolet Camaros, I shared the story behind my collection of Super8 home movies from 1976-1977.  I filmed a large number of Chevrolet Engineering vehicles…


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