MINI Cars, Maxi Goals

It’s finally acting like Spring in Michigan, which means car show season is upon us.  For anyone who enjoys the car hobby, this is the best part of the year. …

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Save The Manuals: Learn To Drive A Stick

For the first time in several years, the number of new vehicles sold with a manual transmission increased.  According to a recent study by JD Power, about 1.7% of 2023…

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Concept Cars I Would Buy

Auto manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new styling or technology.  These cars are introduced at various auto shows to gauge consumer interest.  Sometimes the design is close to a…


Automotive Summer Camp: 2023

I have been involved with an automotive summer camp held at Northwood University (Midland, MI) since its beginning in 2021.  These camps have been very successful, giving high school students…


Hot Rod Step Van

When it comes to having soft spots for vehicles, the Chevrolet Step Van remains my guilty pleasure.  As a kid, I loved my Tonka trucks, which somehow translated to the…


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