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Collection Of Vehicle Graphic Ideas For MINI, Subaru & Camaro

Collection Of Vehicle Graphic Ideas For MINI, Subaru & Camaro

Over the course of the past few years, I have shared many of my vehicle personalization projects.  Whether it was wheel paint or custom vinyl graphics, the theme was the same–all were relatively easy and low cost projects.  My intent is to showcase ideas for you to try at home.

Probably the biggest bang for your buck customization is vinyl graphics.  Whether you buy a pre-cut set or make your own, the DIY installation is the cost saver.  I rarely find stock graphics that suit my mood, so I end up making my own out of vinyl wrap that you can buy through Amazon.

Shown in the sections below are images of the graphics I created.  If I wrote an article about that project, I provide a link for your use. In each case, I bought rolls of vinyl wrap in the VVIVID VINYL store on Amazon.  The majority of the vinyl came in 12” x 60” rolls for around $10.  You can buy bigger pieces, but this size seems to be the sweet spot.

In addtion to the graphics I created, I saved a bunch of other graphic designs in my GRAPHICS board on Pinterest.  Check that out if you are looking for further inspiration.

MINI Cooper Hood, Roof & Interior

I used to have a two door Hardtop MINI that was red with a white roof.  It came with dual hood stripes (like most MINIs), which I removed and created simulated hood vents.  For the white roof, I experimented with abstract shapes before landing on a simple three stripe roof design.

I also carried the theme to the interior by striping the door panel!  When I sold this car to Carvana, they removed all of my graphics except for the door panel stripes.

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simulated hood vents using vinyl wrap

MINI door panel with three stripes

Subaru Outback: Hood and Grill Graphics Plus Chrome Delete

I sold the MINI in October 2021 when the used car market was on fire.  I loved that car, but I got an offer from Carvana that I could not refuse.  Also, my vehicle needs changed, so I ordered a Subaru Outback.

Even though the Autumn Green color looked good on its own, I felt the need to jazz it up (when don’t I?).  I went through a series of designs before landing on something a bit understated.  It seems I like to flex my design muscles before getting comfortable with a personalized look.

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Subaru hood with graphics in the middle

Subaru hood with graphics on the left and right

Subaru grill with hexagon shapes

before and after pictures of a Subaru with vinyl trim

Chevrolet Camaro: A Work In Process

I feel the Outback is in a good place right now, so I am devoting my attention to the Camaro I bought in June 2023.  I originally ordered a 2023 Camaro in Rapid Blue, but the order was placed too late to get built.  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that color, but found a properly equipped white Camaro in dealer inventory. That worked out for the best as white gives me a blank canvas for customization!

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The first project was the creation of fender stripes.  Many cars including the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger have a variation of hash marks on the fender (over the wheel arch).  I generally like that look, but feel fender stripes look better if placed between the wheel opening and front doors.  I also have a thing for late 1970s Z28 Camaros, so my graphics are inspired by that look.

three stripes on Camaro fender

White Camaro hood with black, red and gray graphics

It is not uncommon for me to let my creative ideas flow on to friends’ cars.  My buddy, Glenn, also has a white Camaro (convertible) and he wanted a blue hood and trunk lid treatment.  We tackled that last summer.  He just let me know he wants something different with black vinyl.  I’ll update this section with any changes I make later this summer.

Camaro hood with blue carbon fiber vinyl in center of hood

My friend grew tired of the blue graphics, so we pulled it off and applied matte black vinyl on the hood and black stripes at the bottom of the doors.  Ironically, those side stripes were made for a Mustang, but we cut our the Mustang letters and added Camaro lettering we found on Etsy.  All said, less than $100 spent on material.

matte black vinyl wrap installed behing the vent on white hood

white camaro with black side stripes at bottom of door

Final Thoughts & Questions

In each of the examples shown above, the cost to purchase the vinyl wrap was around $30/project.  In many cases, enough was left over for other projects.  Either way, with a little imagination and not much money, you can personalize your car with vinyl graphics.

I will update this article with any new designs.  Even though I just did the hood graphic on my Camaro, I have a new idea brewing.  It’s a good thing the vinyl is easy to remove!

Please let me know if you have any added thoughts or questions. You can reach me via email ( or in the comments below.

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