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Emblem Restoration

Emblem Restoration

It is the little details that count.  This is especially true when putting the final touches on a vehicle restoration (or customization).  I was looking for a cool emblem to put on my 2023 Camaro, and looked to the Camaro’s past for inspiration .

During the 1973-1974 model years, Chevrolet used a tasteful badge on the “Type LT” trim for the Camaro.  I started my search of one of these emblems, but was surprised at the cost.  The “Type LT” emblems I found were either high dollar originals ($100+), near-high dollar reproductions ($45) or cheap used ones ($19).

DIY Solution

I wanted to add a custom touch to a new car, not a concours restoration. As such, I opted to buy the cheap used emblem.  The one I found was in good shape but the black background had worn away after 50 years of use.  That actually worked out for me, since I wanted the “LT” letters to be red.

Whether you are restoring an emblem to its original condition or modifying it for a custom look, the process is similar.  The process I used is shown in the pictures below.  I had all of the paint and material on hand, but you can get everything I used at your local hardware store.

Of course, I used Rust-Oleum paint for the entire project.  The three paints are listed below:

Final Thoughts & Questions

I’m really happy with how this restored/modified emblem turned out, and plan to install it on the grill of my Camaro sometime soon.  This was a fun and relatively quick project to tackle–one that I encourage you to try.  Hand painting the LT letters requires a steady hand, but with the proper brush is quite easy.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Please email me at, or message me through the Vehicle Nanny Instagram or Facebook pages.

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