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Favorite PROJECT CAR Channels

YouTube provides a vast resource for car enthusiasts.  Anyone can start a channel and post videos.  Some of the videos posted are well researched and professionally presented, while many are not.  Trying to find reliable sources with interesting and informative material can be a challenge.  

I spend a lot of time watching automotive videos and have found some really good channels that I trust and follow.  It took some time to assemble my list of favorites, which I shared in the related articles below:

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The Favorite CAR REPAIR Channels article is the number one read article on this website. In fact, it is the number one viewed article on a daily basis.  As a result of that interest and feedback from my readers, I created my next category of car videos:  Favorite PROJECT CAR Channels.

Update (8/24/23):  This article originally published on 1/1/23.  It has been revised with the addition of Pole Barn Garage and the removal of WatchJRGo.  Channels are removed fron recommendation when they change format or the content is no longer relevant.

Top Four Project Car Channels

Like many of you, I really like watching car repair videos.  Those that go deep into diagnostics are at the top of my list.  The natural evolution of car repair is car restoration, or the revitalization of a car left for dead.

The YouTube channels below place a heavy focus on bringing a car back to life and/or bringing them back to new condition.  Each takes a different approach, which is what makes them all very interesting to me.

  1. Vice Grip Garage
  2. Pole Barn Garage (added 8/24/23)
  3. Sarah-n-Tuned
  4. Fingerprint Workshop

Vice Grip Garage (check it out HERE)

Derek Bieri finds non-running old cars and trucks (usually Squarebody GM pickups) to bring back to life.  His videos usually run long (at least 60 minutes), but his dry humor and folksy charm will keep you engaged the entire time.

Most of his projects are bought hundreds of miles from home.  Once he gets them running, he drives them back to his backyard shop.  Imagine working on a car that has been sitting for 20 years, then driving it for 600 miles.  

Several of those derelicts turn into multi-episode videos.  He rarely does a full restoration (he doesn’t seem to like to paint), but I would gladly take any of his projects home.

Pole Barn Garage (accessed HERE)

This channel is very similar to Vice Grip Garage, with a focus on reviving older vehicles that have been sitting for years.  The host is Dalton, whose humor and stories have a darker twist than Derek at Vice Grip Garage.  His projects are more low-budget, making them feel more approachable for us regular folk.

This description from the YouTube channel tells it all:

Regular builds for regular folks. Watch wrenching and automotive “restoration” for the average person. No big shot tv show drama, no million dollar electrofanciable builds that you can only dream about. Regular guy stuff, for regular guys like me. I’m here to make sure you know that you don’t need to be perfect, or even good — you just gotta get out there and do it. Road trips, budget fixes, muscle car resurrections, and burnouts: it’s all right here!

Sarah-n-Tuned (find her HERE)

Sarah is a car enthusiast and former aerospace mechanic, who started a car channel about four years ago.  Within the last year or so, she moved her operations from her home garage to a small shop with a couple of lifts.

Even though she will do an occasional new car review, most of her videos focus on rebuilding a variety of vehicles.  The diversity of her projects make things interesting; she’s restored or modified a Subaru Forester, Audi TT, Ford Ranger, Audi Quattro and VW Beetle.  She is currently working on a Toyota Celica.  That car will receive a V8 engine from her dad’s wrecked Toyota Tundra.

Sarah typically uploads a new video every 72 hours, so her content is very fresh.  Most of her videos are around 15 minutes, and are very content rich.  Her attention to detail is borderline obsessive, which she openly acknowledges.  I like her positive attitude and silly humor.

Fingerprint Workshop (see his channel HERE)

Ronnie started his channel about ten years ago, but really started his project videos in the last six years.  He featured many 3D printed Iron Man and Batman masks, then moved into motorcycle projects.

I discovered this channel when he was in the middle of a Pontiac Fiero restoration.  He started that project four years ago and just finished it about a year ago.  Ronnie is a young guy who is learning as he goes.  That approach works for him, and we get to witness his frustrations and triumphs.

Ronnie just started a Datsun 280Z restoration, so I look forward to this new journey.  He doesn’t post new videos very often, but when he does they are worth watching.

Questions, Thoughts or Wondering Who’s Your Nanny?

These project car channels are a great source of entertainment, and a good resource if you own one of those project cars and in need of some tips. Each host has their own approach, which adds to the fun.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Please email me at, or message me through the Vehicle Nanny Instagram or Facebook pages.

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