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Finding The Right Wheels

Finding The Right Wheels

I’ve had a thing about wheels on cars since I was a teenager in the 1970s.  The right ones make any car stand out, whereas the wrong ones make a car forgettable. Does that make me a wheel snob?  Maybe, but it may explain why I’ve written so many wheel related articles.

In May 2023, I ordered a new Camaro and was really excited with the paint and wheels that I selected.  I love expressive colors, so I ordered the car in Rapid Blue with medium gray 5-spoke wheels.  This was the ideal combination for me, but sadly the order could not be built due to the order cut-off for 2023.

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Luckily, I found a Camaro on a dealer’s lot that came close to my order, but it is white with black wheels.  I’m not a fan of black wheels, so my search for something better started the day I bought that white car.

Wheel Progression

If you count the original wheel combination from my unbuildable Camaro order, I am on my fourth set of wheels in less than one year.  Is that excessive?  Does it help that I only paid for one set of wheels (used, from Facebook Marketplace) in all of those exchanges?

It will be easier to show the progression of wheels through pictures versus a flowchart or lengthy paragraphs, so follow along for a pictorial map of my wheel journey:

blue Camaro with gray wheels

white Camaro with black wheel


white Camaro with silver wheel


Damaged black wheel shown versus the repaired wheel, repainted warm gray wheel

It’s Good To Have Friends

As you can see above, I went through several wheel ideas for my car.  The original set on the car I ordered helped guide me on my journey.  Along the way, I took a detour to help a friend.

My friend, Glenn, has a 2023 Camaro as well.  His car came with satin black wheels that sustained curb damage.  He claims this was caused by his wife, but I know better!  He sought my help with repair ideas about the same time as I was dismounting the black wheels from my car. 

Luck was on both Glenn’s and my side.  I offered to trade his damaged satin black wheels for my lightly used glossy black wheels.  This took care of Glenn’s problem and gave me a new opportunity for customization.

The wheels shown in the last picture are Glenn’s old satin black ones. I was able to easily repair the curb damage, then paint his old wheels. I found a medium gray paint at TCP Global, an online automotive paint supplier.  The medium gray is a very close match for the gray wheels on my original blue Camaro order.  I mixed the paint, sprayed it on Glenn’s old wheels, then had new tires installed on these wheels.  Finally, I have the look I was after!

I did run into some problems when painting Glenn’s old wheels, but that was easily resolved.  If you are curious about that process, check out the related article below:

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Final Thoughts & Questions

My wheel journey took a couple of detours along the way, but that was due to my fickle nature.  Many of you may be happy with the wheels you have or the replacements you found.  If you find yourself longing for another solution, keep my path in mind.  I only spent $800 to buy the first replacement set, then traded and painted the wheels that became my final solution.

I also have an extra set of wheels and tires (the silver wheels with my original tires) that I can install if I get bored.  I may also need to use one of them for a spare tire, but will deal with that scenario if needed.

Please let me know if you have any added thoughts or questions. You can reach me via email ( or in the comments below.

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