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Garage Floor Makeover

Garage Floor Makeover

My garage floor has seen a lot of duty in the past 22 years.  As evidenced by the articles in the Repairs/Mods section, I do some messy jobs.  Whether it is suspension work or vehicle/wheel painting, my floor has taken a beating. It was so bad that my neighbors have commented that a car guy should have a better garage.  Funny, they don’t complain when I work on their cars!

In fairness, they have a point. The concrete has a mosaic pattern from all of the different paint colors and the surface of the concrete is spalled (pitted) in areas where road salt and winter car washes have created an unsightly surface.  It’s not pretty, and it is time for some garage floor love.


I have a standard two car garage, so that means it is a roughly 20’ x 20’ space.  I wanted to repair the spalled concrete and make the floor look nicer, so I explored a few options:

  1. DIY epoxy garage floor paint (around $200 for materials)
  2. DIY garage floor tiles ($1,100)
  3. Professional floor repair and epoxy coating ($4,000)

For options 1 and 2, I would also need to repair the floor.  I found a concrete resurfacer product that would do the trick, with the cost of $65 for the areas needing correction.


I chose to go with option 2–DIY garage floor tiles.  While I like the look of an epoxy floor, I could not justify the cost for the professional application.  I’ve done DIY floor paints in the past with mixed success.  A friend of mine highly recommended RaceDeck garage floor tiles, so I checked it out.

I still like to work on cars, so I wondered how well those tiles would hold up.  My friend was very confident in the durability of the tiles and shared two important benefits:  the floor will be warmer than concrete in the winter and they can be disassembled and used at another house (if I ever move).  SOLD!

Purchase and Installation

During my tile shopping, I found out that Menards carries a garage floor tile that looks suspiciously identical to RaceDeck but at a lower price.  It was also eligible for their 11% rebate, so I was able to save almost $500 over the price of the RaceDeck tiles.

You can mix and match different tiles to create a custom look for your floor.  Some people like the checkerboard pattern, but I went with a coin top tile in graphite gray with yellow drain tiles.  Those drain tiles are installed in a location that will allow the winter slop from our tires and rockers to drain away from the cars.

By the way, my suspicions about RaceDeck were confirmed.  The Menards tiles are made by RaceDeck! That means they are extremely durable and easy to install.  Just snap the tiles together in the pattern you pick.  I was able to lay all of the tiles within two hours.

Final Thoughts & Questions

I’m really glad my friend recommended the tile option.  My garage now has a premium feel and a floor that is the envy of my neighborhood.  More importantly, the spalling was fixed with the concrete resurfacer (very easy to mix and pour) and the floor protected from future damage.

This was an easy win that was considerably less expensive than the professional epoxy refinish.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. Please email me at, or message me through the Vehicle Nanny Instagram or Facebook pages.

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