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Garage Talk Podcast

Garage Talk Podcast

One of the best things about the car hobby is the ease in which you can find and make new friends.  Case in point are the guys from Garage Talk, Matt and Cory.

Some time in early December, Cory reached out to me through the Vehicle Nanny Facebook page.  It seems Cory came across the article “Profiles of Young Car Enthusiasts: Grady” through our mutual connection to Grady, who was featured in the article.  

After some back and forth through Messenger, I discovered that Matt and Cory have an automotive podcast appropriately called “Garage Talk.”  Cory was kind enough to invite me to their podcast, which I gladly accepted!  That podcast with Vehicle Nanny posted on December 18, 2020, and can be found on their website (the episode is 44. Vehicles Have Nanny’s Too!) or anywhere you normally listen to podcasts (you will find them as GT Garage Talk in your search).

Garage Talk Background

Within minutes of joining their podcast, I created a bond with Cory and Matt.  They are a bit younger than me (who isn’t?), but our mutual love of the car hobby was quite clear.  This excerpt from their website tells it all:

Garage Talk was started as a conversation between friends about a shared passion, but it does not end there.  It never fails, every time Matt & Cory get together the conversation will always turn to cars; whether it be the latest news or trends, what is causing woe in the automotive world, or perhaps just to share a bit of joy.​  This passion for cars turned into Garage Talk: a discussion about all things automotive. 

We encourage you to sound off about what excites, drives you mad, or just need to vent about the automotive world. Your can visit our homepage and fill out the form that will shoot us an email with your thoughts and opinions, at

Supporting the Hobby

During my time on their podcast, Matt shared details about a local car show they hosted this past spring.  They designed it to attract the “Unlikely Heroes” in the collector world–those vehicles that are daily drivers that also spark a passion in their owners.  This aligns perfectly with the intent of Vehicle Nanny, and certainly helps nurture the automotive interests of their local fans.

Of course, I am providing ongoing support of automotive programs designed to inspire and educate young car enthusiasts through the sale of items in the Vehicle Nanny Merchandise Store.  All proceeds go directly to the Hagerty Automotive Youth Program, so I hope you can find a fun item for yourself that also supports our budding car enthusiasts.

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