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Hazy Headlight Repair

Hazy Headlight Repair

The average age of vehicles on the road in the United States has increased to 12.2 years.  That means more wear and tear items will need attention in order to keep them safe and looking good.  The most obvious is your headlights.

As cars age and are exposed to the elements. The plastic headlight lenses can oxidize and turn hazy.  This limits the effectiveness of the headlights and creates a safety concern. 

Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

I belong to the forum, Rusto Garage, hosted by Rust-Oleum. The members are do it yourselfers like me, who discuss their automotive projects on the forum. A nice benefit of this group is access to Rust-Oleum products from Wipe New.  I provided a review of three other Wipe New car care products in the article below.

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Rust-Oleum recently sent me the Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit to test and review. The Wipe New kit was designed to remove years of oxidation and yellowing from headlight surfaces. I used a similar product from Turtle Wax a few years ago, but was left with mixed results. 

The Guinea Pig

My son’s friend was at my house last week, and I noticed his 2006 Chevrolet Impala had very hazy headlights. He put off any repair as he believed he was going to have to spend hundreds of dollars on new headlights. Lucky for him.  I got this free kit to evaluate.

I followed the straightforward instructions using the material supplied in the kit.  A small sanding pad allowed me to remove the oxidation, and the ceramic clear coat added sparkle and protection to the lenses.  I used a Turtle Wax product a few years ago with mixed results–not so with the Wipe New kit.  The results were really good, as you can see in the pictures at the top of the page.

In all, it took me less than 30 minutes to achieve these positive results.  While my kit was free, you can buy it for less than $14.  No brainer!

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