Home Movies: 1977 K5 Blazers

Home Movies:  1977 K5 Blazers

In the article Home Movies:  1977-1978 Chevrolet Camaros, I shared the story behind my collection of Super8 home movies from 1976-1977.  I filmed a large number of Chevrolet Engineering vehicles during that time.  Luckily, I remember most of the details behind the vehicles I filmed!

1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazers

In the video below, I put together the film of four (4) different Chevrolet Engineering Blazers from 1977.  It is a very short video, so my commentary was limited.  Here is more detail about the Blazers shown in the video:

Yellow “K28”

The first Blazer shown looks to be a very basic yellow one with a manual transmission.  That by itself is cool and unique, however, this one had some hidden treasures.  

The K28 nickname was a play off the new Z28 Camaro, which was a real handling machine!  Chevrolet Engineering wanted to see if they could create a sportier version of the Blazer so they added a rear stabilizer bar, wider tires and installed a 427 V8.

This was a crazy fast and great handling truck.  Sadly, Chevrolet did not approve it for production.  

Soft-top Blazers

The next two vehicles were equipped with the factory-installed soft-top in place of the fiberglass roof.  The soft-top unsnapped and folded down to make for a fun convertible.  The normal fiberglass roof also removes, but you must remove sixteen bolts and find two friends to help lift it off.  

First Black Blazer

I believe 1977 was the first year that Chevrolet built the Blazer in black.  This one also had the first ever white wagon wheels.

I hope you enjoy the show!


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