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What’s The Scoop?

What’s The Scoop?

The North American International Auto Show (aka Detroit Auto Show) presented their first in-person show since 2020.  It was moved to September from the customary January show date, and repurposed to include outside events.  I had an opportunity to visit the show last week, and found it a disappointment.

On the plus side, fewer cars on display meant you could actually walk around and get into the cars.  Unfortunately, fewer manufacturers participated than in the past.  This really felt more like a regional auto show than an international event.

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Surprising Trend

All was not lost!  As I was looking at the vehicles on display, I noticed that hood scoops are on more cars than I imagined.  In fact, it was the bright spot for me.  I think hood scoops add fun style to any car, and brought back memories of the Air Induction hood scoop I installed on my 1979 Camaro Z28 back in 1980.

z28 air induction

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Fun in the Hood

Let’s take a look at the hoods of the show.  Most are from Ford and Stellantis (Dodge and Jeep), but one or two from Toyota and Chevrolet are included in the mix below.  I cheated on one of them–I included a side scoop in the collection.

Can you identify any of the vehicles below? Enjoy!

Questions, Thoughts or Suggestions?

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