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Name The Next Adventure Vehicle

Name The Next Adventure Vehicle

* Winner Selected 3/9/22 *

If you take a look at the SUVs on the market, many of them have an optional off-road package.  Those packages range in form and function–some look the part, while others act the part.  Regardless of the package capability, the names given to the off-road packages create a vision of great adventures ahead!

As you can see in the picture above, these off-road packages boast names like Rubicon, Badlands, Sasquatch and Wilderness.  Those labels speak to the capability of the vehicle, and conjure up some fun off-pavement excursions.

side view of a Subaru Outback


In December, I wrote about my purchase of a Subaru Outback.  In that article, I shared how the new Subaru Wilderness package caused me to consider the Outback.  The Wilderness package is the real deal, offering a lifted suspension, special axle ratios, skid plates and more.  

It was more vehicle than I needed, but it inspired me to adapt some of those features to my regular Outback.  I covered those upgrades in the related article below:

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front door with custom compass decal

What’s In A Name?

After adding the equipment to my Outback I want to come up with an interesting name (and logo) for the package I created.  Unfortunately, most of the names I considered have been used on a lot of other vehicles.  Also, I don’t want rip off the Wilderness name.  No one likes a poser!  

Names like Compass (Jeep), Cheyenne (Chevrolet) and Adventurer (Dodge), Adventure (Toyota RAV4) would work, but are rip offs from other manufacturers.  Just like my objection to using the Wilderness name, I need something more original. And fun.

Your Participation Is Requested

Let’s have some fun with this brainstorming session!  Give me your best, original idea.  If I end up using your idea, I will reward you with any single item from the Vehicle Nanny Merchandise Store.  The store has cool t-shirts, long sleeve tees, hoodies, mugs and even a Vehicle Nanny branded beer glass.

Check out the merchandise store HERE.

If you have a naming idea to submit, you please enter it in the comments below.  If you prefer to keep it private, send it to me at

I look forward to getting your best thinking here!

We Have A Winner! (Updated 3/9/22)

Thank you to all who submitted ideas for the next “adventure package.”  Some interesting names were sent to me, but my pick for winner is….


The winner asked to remain anonymous, but she will be picking a cool item from the Vehicle Nanny Merchandise Store!  

I found a seller on Etsy who can make decals for me, so those are on order!  More to come once they arrive.

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