Video:  AJ’s Project Fiero

Video: AJ’s Project Fiero

Those of you who read about my interests in Who’s Your Nanny know that my purpose in starting this website was to help keep the car hobby alive with the younger generation.  About the time I started this blog, I met a 17 year old young man named AJ who was looking for guidance on car restoration.  It was pure luck that we came together, so I want to share his story.

AJ was looking for a way to break into the car hobby with a project he could tackle prior to getting his driver’s license.  Like any budding “car guy,” he has a passion that needed nurturing.  

This will be the first of many videos and articles about AJ’s journey.  I have checked in on his progress over the past few months, and have been impressed with his willingness to jump right in and ask lots of questions.  He is learning a lot and I could not be more proud of him!

The video below will give you an idea of his interest and goal with his 1986 Pontiac Fiero.  Check back often for more progress updates!

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  1. Brian

    Aj selected a great car to learn on AND then have a real good looking car to enjoy until it’s 50th birthday. Right on, Aj. Would love to hear what major areas he’s had to work on and what is planned going forward.

  2. Wenonah

    Very nice…Congratulations to you both

    1. Bill

      Thank you, Wenonah. AJ’s enthusiasm is very contagious!

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