Podcast: Pothole Season

Podcast:  Pothole Season

Michigan drivers are on high alert from mid-February through late March.  Why?  This is the time of year when potholes develop and cause great damage to our cars.  Even though we are aware of “pothole season,” it still surprises us overnight with craters that flatten tires, bend wheels and cause other suspension damage.

I recently shared pictures of damaged vehicles on the Vehicle Nanny Facebook page and Instagram account.  Those pictures got the attention of the team at GT: Garage Talk (see related story at bottom of this page), which is based in Texas.  Potholes are very rare in Texas, so they invited me to discuss it further on their March 18, 2022 episode.

truck with flat tire

During Episode 109:  Pothole Season, we talked about the formation of potholes and the damage caused to our cars.  We got through that topic pretty quickly and shifted our focus to fun cars to buy after winter.   It was a bit cathartic for me, informative for GT: Garage Talk and overall a fun time for all of us.  Other Michigan car people will relate to our discussion.

Prior History with GT: Garage Talk

This was not the first time I appeared on the GT: Garage Talk podcast.  Each time we get together, our discussions are fun, informative and lively!  The other three episodes are listed below:

Episode 100:  What’s In a Name

Episode 51:  Custodian of Discarded Brands

Episode 44:  Vehicles Have Nannies Too!

For more backhround on GT: Garage Talk, check out the related article below.  In addition to their great podcasts, they now share vehicle reviews on their YouTube channel.  Look for more detail on that in an upcoming article.

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