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Removing Plasti Dip After 11 Months

Removing Plasti Dip After 11 Months

Plasti Dip is a relatively easy and inexpensive product to change the color of your wheels or emblems.  It is also designed so that it can be removed without causing damage to the surface under the coating.  That makes it a great product for people who like to personalize their cars without making a permanent commitment.  It sprays on like paint, but has properties that make it removable.

I’ve used it on both wheels and emblems a number of times.  A few examples can be found in the related articles below:

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Plasti Dip is an ideal product for me, as I change my mind about the look of my cars often.  About 11 months ago, I used Plasti Dip to blackout the Chevrolet bowties on the grill and trunk lid of my Camaro.  That’s a long time for me to go with one look, so I decided to remove the coating this weekend.

Removal Process

The key advantage of Plasti Dip over paint is its peelability.  In order to make it easily removed, you must apply at least five coats of Plasti Dip. If the coating is too thin, it becomes too hard to peel. 

In some cases, if the Plasti Dip is left on too long, it can also become hard to remove.  Interestingly, Plasti Dip used to say their coating can be peeled within six months, but that is no longer on the can.  Other online sources claim three years is the life of properly applied Plasti Dip.  In the case of my emblems, I applied five or six coats around eleven months ago.

Let’s see how to remove the Plasti Dip I applied to the emblems on my Camaro:

man's thumb peeling black coating from emblem

man wiping solvent on black emblem

man using finger nail to scrape black coating

The entire process took less than 10 minutes.  This included the final cleanup of the goo that was left on the white paint after using the solvent.

When I originally coated the emblems 11 months ago, I thought the blackout treatment was pretty cool.  I realized that the gold Chevrolet emblem was a nice piece of jewelry, so I removed the Plasti Dip.

There is a fair chance I may reapply Plasti Dip at some point down the road.  That’s the beauty of cheap modifications–you don’t mind making changes as your mood evolves.

side by side comparison of same car showing before and after

Final Thoughts & Questions

It’s unfortunate that my Plasti Dip didn’t peel right off, but it did clean up with some mineral spirits and paper towel.  While not as satisfying as peeling the coating, the important thing is that I returned my emblems to stock with very little effort.

Please let me know if you have any added thoughts or questions. You can reach me via email ( or in the comments below.

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