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Meet The Texas Truck Channel

Meet The Texas Truck Channel

One of the key things I enjoy about the car hobby is helping fellow enthusiasts.  It doesn’t matter if it is with their vehicle repairs/mods, car buying tips or highlighting resources for all of the above.  I’ve been a “car guy” for a long time–long before the internet and touch tone phones (ask your grandma!).  When I find like minded people who also like to share their automotive passions, I’m going to give them my support.

This is exactly the case with two YouTube channels, Texas Truck Channel and TTC Cars, hosted by Bryan and Craig Raupe.  I’ve been following the Texas Truck Channel a while now and have watched it evolve into a fun and credible source of information. TTC Cars was added about a year ago, so their content covers both cars and trucks over two channels.

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Texas Truck Channel Catches My Eye

As noted in the article above, I watch a lot of automotive YouTube content in order to stay current on the market and to refine my library of trusted sources.  My list of favorite channels is updated whenever an interesting channel catches my eye or an old one loses their punch. 

Over the course of the past year, I have watched this channel evolve in both content and delivery.  I really enjoy the banter from Bryan and Craig, typical of two brothers sharing a passion.  While they will look at each vehicle with a critical eye, they do their best to find the positives in each vehicle.  You can tell they are vehicle enthusiasts first and video commentators second.

They really got my attention when they bought a new, super cheap Jeep Gladiator for $31,000.  Their videos showed how you can buy a new vehicle without breaking the bank and personalize it to your liking.  When many other channels were fawning over $70,000+ pickup trucks, Bryan and Craig showed how to have fun on a budget. Smart.

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Meet Bryan and Craig

You don’t always have the benefit of learning about channel creators through their videos.  I reached out to Bryan to see what I could learn.  As I expected, he and Craig were very happy to share their background and answer my questions below:

What is your automotive background?  Have you worked in the industry prior, or are you just long time truck enthusiasts?

We have never worked in the industry until we started this operation. We kicked around the idea of a blog in 2010 but nothing came of it with our busy schedules. 

In a weird way we were born into cars. Our dad had some muscle cars in his youth that we often heard about. And our grandfather made it an unspoken Raupe Family policy to drive Mopars. But in our lifetime Dad always had odd ball picks: 1963 Chrysler Imperial, 56 Dodge Crown Royal “Texan”, 1987 Chrysler Fifth Ave, 1983 Plymouth Scamp GT, 1991 Dodge Spirit ES, Diesel Oldsmobiles, 80’s El Caminos…later moving into the Ford world (Festiva, Crown Vic Country Squire, Ranger, etc).  And most of them were not trucks on purpose.

We grew up in the rural north Texas region where everyone had trucks. Most were diesel, towing nothing 90% of the time and idling at the local service station unnecessarily. Dad insisted on towing our livestock trailer to auction with his Fifth Avenue that has rear air shocks fitted to keep it level. 

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s and the 97-03 F150 where we all realized that trucks can be daily driven with little penalty. Craig and I still prefer to daily drive a fun car, but have grown to really love the current midsize line ups, usually even more than full size offerings. 

You have a newer channel, TTC Cars.  Do you have a separate theme for these channels, or is it a way for you to include more content?

That’s right, our primary channel is Texas Truck Channel (think of this as our bread and butter), but we are also genuine car guys despite our truck personas. If it were up to me every car would be manual and RWD for the sake of amateur drifting, and Craig would lean toward some sort of “under dog” and under-appreciated manual car that is excellent and costs pennies. This led us to add back in a car leg of the operation: TTC Cars.

Has your vision/focus for the channels changed since launch?  

Yes it has! Like many, we had visions of making a mini Top Gear segment out of each review. In a nutshell, Craig had visions of a mini travel show with some cars mixed in, I had a vision of a car show with tons of tire smoke and some travel mixed in.  But we also knew we couldn’t hold a candle to that level of production and quickly verified that. Watching some of our early shoots can prove that. 

We quickly realized that whatever rant we had in our minds was usually unnecessary, and every episode needed to be shorter. Once we figured that out we realized that our audience (especially our Texas audience) really wanted more truck content. We originally started with the show name “Brake Check Show” and later realized that when we told anyone our show was “Brake Check Show”, they usually only found car crash videos. This led to the rebranding from BCS to Texas Truck Channel. 

What are your “day jobs?”  Do you have any goals to do YouTube 100%?

Craig is a General Manager at a family owned CMU manufacturing facility. I am a Program & Project Manager for a DOD contractor. We would be lying if we said we didn’t have goals of moving to YouTube/TTC 100%. But we also have set targets to make that a possibility.

As it stands now we work really hard at it, but keep it a lower priority than family or our day careers. Some days it feels like work and others it feels like the best hobby we could ever imagine. 

Is there anything about you that other YouTubers don’t know, but you wish they did?

Yes! That we look up to so many of our peers that have paved the way before us. Shout out to Todd and Paul of Everyday Driver in particular for leading the way and giving solid advice about 5 years ago.

Final Thoughts & Questions

I’m really glad I found the Texas Truck Channel, and got to know Bryan and Craig. They know and respect their audience, which is a common theme among the channels I recommend.  As a result, I am pleased to include them on my list of favorite car review channels.

Let me know if you have any questions or your own favorite YouTube channels.  You may reach my through the comments below or one of the following sources:


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