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Rejected Content: Three Young Car Enthusiasts

Rejected Content: Three Young Car Enthusiasts

Five years ago when I embarked on life after corporate work, I dreamed up the idea for Vehicle Nanny.  Initially, I was going to open a classic vehicle storage warehouse.  In that scenario, the “nanny” would take care of your baby.  The pandemic and other activities put that plan on hold.

Not one to let a good idea die, I decided to shift gears and devote my focus on keeping the car hobby alive.  My concern at the time was that the Baby Boomers I met at car shows were not welcoming to young enthusiasts. After my generation ages out, my fear is that the hobby would die with us.    

Luckily, that fear was unfounded. I have encountered a number of young car enthusiasts over the past five years, and their level of interest has been encouraging.  Their stories deserve to be told, to help inspire even more people.

It Starts With One Conversation

Most of my car connections happen at local car shows.  In an interesting twist of fate, a guy named Matt Fein reached out to me through this website in late March. He was looking for some project car advice for his college-aged son.  An excerpt of his message is shown below:

My son is currently in his second year at MSU. He has been interested in older technologies since he was very young…More recently he began a project for a retro mod of 1964 Honda S90 which is now almost complete.

He has now come to me with his thoughts for his next project, a 1978 Camaro Z28. Although he has a job during the school year, he thinks he can make this work. I would have figured his experience with the Honda s90 and the challenges of locating and cost of parts would have put a damper on these new plans.

My question to you is whether you have any thoughts on options on the vehicle front that are more reasonable that would allow him to follow this passion for restoring things while not breaking the bank…We are located in Metro Detroit.”

I loved this message and reached out to Matt to see how I could help.  As luck would have it, Matt and his son Corey live very close to me.  We agreed to meet at a local coffee shop to talk about cars and better understand Corey’s vision.

The Meet-up

We were able to meet about three days after that initial message.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Corey was pretty knowledgeable about cars and had his sights on a 1978-1981 Camaro.  Corey’s dad, Matt, was the one seeking assurance that this was a smart move.  

During the meeting, it was obvious that Corey did his homework.  He knew what he wanted and had two good car crazy friends (Calum Donaldson and Owen Peters) for support.  My obsession with a certain 1979 Camaro Z28 may have clouded my judgment, but I felt good about what Corey was seeking.

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Ironically, it was my Z28 articles that attracted Corey’s dad to my site.  The rest of the story was about to unfold.

Finding Corey’s Car

Corey’s friend, Calum, was already on the hunt for a car.  He located a 1979 Camaro in Ohio that seemed to fit the bill.  Corey, Calum and Owen hopped into a VW Atlas (with car trailer) to check it out.  

The guys found the Camaro was in pretty good shape.  The seller made it road worthy and the body was decent.  It needs some small rust repair behind the rear wheel and a repaint, but it is a good, driveable project car for now.  

light blue Chevrolet Camaro

Visiting Corey’s Garage

I had a chance to meet Corey and Owen recently in Corey’s garage, and had a great time hearing about their grand plans for the Camaro.  While it has a good running 305 V8, Corey feels it is a bit anemic.  He bought a 350 short block and plans on some mild modifications before installing it in the Camaro.

We also talked about the overall project.  Corey plans a new paint job and possibly a manual transmission swap.  I think he has a solid plan, and hope I can offer some help along the way.

I also got a chance to check out Owen’s 1988 Ford Mustang GT.  This car is in really nice shape, with a strong running engine, healthy exhaust and pristine tweed cloth seats.  While he is a Mustang fan now, he has a dream of owning a 1979 Trans Am.  I think that is a good choice, and hope he finds one soon.

Rejected Content

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Calum when visiting with Corey and Owen, but did learn that the three boys met in high school.  They were all in a class together, and were working on some original video content for their class project.  The teacher rejected their ideas as they didn’t follow the formula for this high school course.  It was not objectionable material, yet this teacher almost killed a dream that day.  Almost.

2 mini bikes

It was this rejection that launched their YouTube channel, aptly named rejected content. After watching many of their videos, it is clear that these three friends love vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  They got their experience with mini bikes, moved up to a motorcycle, then their car projects. 

They remind me of the great times I had with my friends in high school.  Cars were central to our activities and have kept us together more than forty years later.  That’s the car hobby in action…bringing like-minded enthusiasts together to live experiences and create memories.

It’s going to be fun watching their car experiences evolve.

the three guys with name labels

Final Thoughts & Questions

It was really an honor to meet the guys and learn more about their vehicle projects.  Corey’s Camaro should be especially fun to follow, and I will share more details as they progress.  Owen’s plans for his Mustang seem to focus on preparing it for autocross events.

2 white Mustangs

I have not met Calum yet, but I understand his 1988 Mustang convertible has already been to an autocross event.  These three boys should be interesting to watch.  Their enthusiasm and willingness to get their hands dirty is refreshing.  To the high school video teacher who rejected their video idea, I say THANK YOU.  You motivated them in ways you could not imagine.

Please let me know if you have any added thoughts or questions. You can reach me via email ( or in the comments below.

Want to learn more about me?  Check out Who’s Your Nanny?

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  1. Matthew Fein

    Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. It captured the boy’s passion for working with cars and bikes as well as video production. The time you spent with us to discuss Corey’s car project helped to set my mind at ease. Listening to your stories, insight, and advice not only confirmed your passion for cars, but also made me realize the skills Owen, Calum, and Corey are gaining by working through the issues that come along with restoration and modification. I appreciate your interest in the work they are doing and your willingness to provide your input and feedback as they progress through the project. I am so glad I came across your website a few months ago. – Corey’s Dad

    • Bill Taylor

      Thank you for those kind words, Matt. I am so glad you reached out to me in March. You are helping me achieve my goals for Vehicle Nanny…to encourage the younger generation to embrace any kind of vehicle project. You have nothing to worry about with Corey or his friends (other than the money!). These projects channel good behavior and create lifetime memories.


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