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That’s A Wrap!

That’s A Wrap!

I have a friend who is a big Saturn fan.  She comes by it honestly as she was a Saturn Sales Consultant at a Saturn Retailer in North Carolina.  Jill Brumley was a great advocate of the Saturn Brand and lamented the demise of the brand in 2010.  I got to know her when I was at Saturn corporate, and have stayed in touch through Facebook and saw first hand how she lived and breathed the Saturn Values.  

That’s why it is no surprise that she kept her 2006 Saturn VUE all these years.  She does all of the normal maintenance to keep it running in tip-top shape.  Unfortunately, the silver paint has not kept up with the mechanicals and lacks the pizzazz of today’s colors.

Jill is a car person, so she is battling the urge to get a new car.  She loves her VUE (and the lack of any high interest car payments), so she explored ways to breathe new life into it with a color change.

Wrap vs. Repaint

Most people wouldn’t see the value in changing a vehicle’s color, mainly because the economics may not make sense to them.  In today’s inflated car market, the cost to change colors seems more feasible than in the past.  

Two options exist if you want to do a complete color change–repaint the entire car or apply a vinyl wrap.  A couple of years ago, I changed the color of our 2024 Honda CRV.  I did it in my garage with inexpensive paint.  It turned out great, but it took me a lot of time to prep that vehicle for paint.  It also took about 25 hours to mask off the windows and door jambs. 

Time is money, and a professional shop would have charged a lot for that paint job–upwards of $5,000-6,000.  Add in the cost of better paint and the expense would’ve reached $7,000-8,000.

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Jill’s Decision…

Jill went through a similar thought process when exploring color change options.  She landed on a full vinyl wrap, performed by King Tutt Graphics.  She paid $3,500 for the wrap, which included body repairs needed to provide a good foundation as well as a five year warranty.  

She was able to select from a wide variety of colors, and landed on one that is very similar to a new Mazda CX-9.  To get a quality wrap, King Tutt Graphics removed the bumpers, roof rails and other small parts.  It took them three weeks to complete the transformation, mainly due to the prep work needed on Jill’s VUE.

In the end, Jill probably spent half of what a quality paint job would cost and has a high quality finish that is more durable than paint.  It is also reversible, so she can peel the wrap if he ever gets the urge to return to the mundane silver paint.  

Final Thoughts & Questions

I think Jill made a great choice going with the vinyl wrap.  It allowed her to continue to enjoy a car she loves while giving it a beautiful new look.  

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