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New Scout: True To Its Heritage?

New Scout:  True To Its Heritage?

In June 2022, Volkswagen announced that they are going to build a rugged electric SUV and pickup under the Scout name.  The history of the International Scout, and how it helped launch the SUV segment was covered in June in the article below:

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Since that original article, Volkswagen has created a separate business unit for Scout (Scout Motors), and Scout leadership is building its team and exploring design options.  As of this writing, Scout Motors has thirteen employees listed on the Scout Motors LinkedIn account.

lady with baby in front of truck

Design Direction

As they hire new team members, Scout posts the announcement with the team member standing in front of a classic Scout.  I find this rather exciting, as it gives a hint of the design direction for Scout. 

This is a strong signal that they will remain true to the original boxy, off-road design.  If so, that is a smart decision.  Just look at the long term success of Jeep Wrangler, and the demand for the new Ford Bronco.  Exciting times!

truck design sketches

In addition to the employee announcements, Scout shared the above picture with illustrations of older Scouts.  They also teased us with the picture at the top of this page. If they don’t plan to create a vehicle that gives a solid nod to its heritage, then these images are creating a false expectation. 

I remain optimistic that Scout will fulfill the promise of the original brand.  After all, what’s the chance that VW would miss the same opportunity that GM did with Blazer?

Follow Scout

Scout Motors recently launched their website and social media accounts as a way to engage consumers early in the design process.  On the new website, you can find more information about career opportunities, news updates, links to their social channels, and the new community forum.

I’ll save you some time and share links to the website and social channels below.  It will be interesting to see more vehicle design cues and their brand positioning soon. OK, Scout…I’m rooting for you! Get it done!

Scout Motors Website

Scout Facebook Page

Scout Instagram Account

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