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Wipe New Car Care Products

Wipe New Car Care Products

I have been a big fan of Rust-Oleum paints for a long time.  Both their spray paints and brush-on paints are easy to work with and produce great results.  When they launched a new line of car care products, I was intrigued yet skeptical.  Deviating from your core business is risky, and Rust-Oleum has a lot to lose if these new products are less than great.  

About a year ago I discovered the Rust-Oleum forum, Rusto Garage.  The members are a bunch of DIYers like me who share their projects and seek feedback on Rust-Oleum products. We are offered the chance to sample new products for review and feedback, which is a nice perk that allows me to see what’s new.

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Within the last month, I sampled three of their new products from the Wipe New brand.  A brief description and review of each is shared below, but the bottom line is all three are excellent.

Fierce Wheel and Tire Cleaner

As the name suggests, this is a cleaner for your wheels and tires.  It is a spray foam that loosens dirt and brake dust from the wheels and cleans the tires.  

The spray foam does a decent job of cleaning on its own, but I found it worked best when using a rag and brush.  I found it worked best when I sprayed the foam on the wheel, waited one minute, then wiped it off with the rag and rinsed with water.

The best result was with the tires, I applied the foam and used a scrub brush.  It was amazing to see the dirt lift from the sidewall.  After a couple of swipes with the brush, I rinsed with water and the tires were clean and black.  Any brown residue was gone (which can be a challenge with other cleaners).

You can find more information and order this product HERE.  

Blazing Wet Tire Shine

After cleaning the tires, it is nice to add a little shine to them.  My go-to tire shine has always been Armor All.  While I like the look from Armor All, it is messy to apply and flings from the tire to your car’s paint when driving.  

This tire shine is sprayed from an aerosol, which provides good coverage and is easy to control.  If your tire sidewall has a lot of detail (like on a performance and all-terrain tire), the spray is great for getting into those nooks and crannies.

I highly recommend this tire shine, which you can buy HERE.

Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating

After cleaning your car and dressing the tires, it’s nice to make your paint sparkle.  This is accomplished with a good coat of wax or polish.  Unfortunately, many people skip this step due to the belief it is too hard or time consuming.

In June, I shared information about my two favorite waxes in the article below.  I still like those two waxes, and can add a third one to my arsenal.

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The Wipe New Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating is a mouthful to say, but super easy to use.  More importantly, it produces an excellent shine that makes the other waxes jealous.  

I used two microfiber towels–one to apply the coating, one to remove and buff.  To apply it, just spray the towel and wipe it on a panel.  Use the other towel to wipe away the residue to produce a silky smooth shine.

The only downside to this product is the smell.  It reminds me of a fresh urinal cake in a men’s public restroom.  It took a couple of days for the smell to dissipate in my garage.  It’s not offensive…just odd.

Time will tell how long the shine lasts (I just applied this one week ago), but after one car wash it is still looking great.

To learn more about this product or to buy it, go HERE.

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