Profiles of Young Car Enthusiasts:  Elise

Profiles of Young Car Enthusiasts: Elise

The Kids are Alright.  This was the title of a Hagerty Drivers Club magazine article from their November/December 2019 issue.  That article helped put many of my fears to rest that the collector car hobby would not survive once us boomers leave this earth.  

Highlights of that article were covered in my blog “The Future of the Car Hobby.”  In it, I shared the trends in vehicle buying for millennials and the types of older cars that caught their interest. Hagerty’s research was extensive and informative. I recommend you check it out.

In the Hagerty article, they showcased five millennials and their car selections. I am going to share those profiles going forward, with a few of my own. For now, let’s start with Elise. Here is her story:

Elise Talley

Age:  21

From:  Long Beach, California

Job:  Assembly technician and client relations assistant at Singer Vehicle Design.

Ride:  1990 Range Rover

Dream Car:  Ford GT40 (“I actually want to build a replica” says Elise)

Elise shares “I didn’t have any money growing up, I still don’t.”  What she did have, for as long as she can remember, is a love for vehicles–from the trucks and tractors on a family farm to the 1990 Range Rover pictured above.

If you check out the Singer Vehicle Design website, I think you will agree Elise is working at the perfect place to pursue her passion for cars. I am here to support other people like Elise through my blogs, personal mentoring and the Hagerty Automotive Youth Programs (see related story HERE).

This support for the Hagerty programs comes from the sales of Vehicle Nanny Merchandise. All profits of those sales go directly to Hagerty.

Thank you for your interest! Look for another youth profile next week.

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